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Aron Govil- 10 Benefits of SAP Implementation Services

10 Benefits of SAP Implementation Services by Infosys

The SAP implementation team works to identify the best-fit business solution, define processes and policies explains Aron Govil. The implementation also enables you to optimize your business operations, drive growth opportunities with SAP solutions, reduce the cost of operations & maintenance, deliver new products/services faster, improve information sharing across different departments of employees, streamline processes that are critical for business, adopt technology standards to upgrade the organization, etc.

Infosys is one of the best SAP implementation service providers in India. We have successfully completed more than 30+ projects across different industry verticals. We offer end-to-end implementation solutions which include consulting, application changes, and integration with customers’ existing systems & infrastructure.

Here are 10 benefits of SAP implementation services:

1) Achieve short-term and long term business objectives:

With the help of our experience in designing, implementing, upgrading & migrating SAP solutions for multiple clients globally, we will ensure that your company can achieve its short-term as well as long-term business objectives. Our experts will help you to determine the best-fit SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for your business. We will also identify the right people within your organization who should lead the change management efforts and implement process changes.

2) Robust & Easy-to-use ERP Solutions:

SAP solutions are simple, robust, easy-to-use, scalable, and guaranteed to reduce costs by streamlining business processes across all departments. Our trusted implementation professionals will help you choose the enhancements that make it better suited for your industry’s specific needs or customize key components to manage specific business processes says Aron Govil. We will customize existing features of SAP ERP Finance modules like General Ledger (G/L), Accounts Payable (A/P), Accounts Receivable (A/R), Order-to-Cash, Procurement & Contract Management, etc.

3) Reduce Implementation Time & Cost:

With Infosys’ SAP implementation services; you can reduce the duration of your implementation project significantly thanks to our fixed price implementation strategy. We will develop an accurate timeline for project completion based on your business needs and deliver the solution within this defined timeframe. Moreover, by leveraging our state-of-the-art tools & technologies along with the latest methods that are tailored for SAP ERP implementations, we offer end-to-end implementation solutions which include consulting, application changes, and integration with customers’ existing systems & infrastructure. This ensures reduced costs since you can have one team working on multiple tasks.

4) Minimize risk of system failure & achieve your business goals:

SAP implementation projects are complex, multi-phase engagements. Our certified team of SAP professionals will ensure that you minimize the risks associated with your project and achieve your business goals by delivering high-quality solutions within budgeted timeframes says Aron Govil. We will help you assess all impacts on current processes, systems, and people’s roles in order to minimize risks and ensure timely delivery of the solution at hand.

5) Business continuity is maintained through most recent technology updates:

The changes that our professionals make to the new SAP solution are deployed without disturbing or interfering with existing applications due to which there is no need for a backup plan in case if anything goes wrong during the implementation process. This will also ensure that your business continuity remains intact and you can seamlessly go ahead with your business.

6) Quick ROI:

You can expect a quick return on investment (ROI) while we help you create world-class solutions for improving operational performance and streamlining core business processes across all departments. We will not only recommend the best practices but also develop expert knowledge in optimizing existing functionalities of SAP ERP modules to add value to your organization’s growth. Our team of SAP implementation experts will provide extensive project management support during testing, training & maintenance phases to ensure your company’s productivity is never impacted due to any issues says Aron Govil.

7) Proactively identify opportunities for future projects:

We focus on determining potential areas where we can add business value. By identifying and building next-generation technical and integration capabilities. To help you improve customer care and enhance organizational productivity. Once the project is complete, we will also provide consulting for future enhancements. To keep your SAP system up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in order to make it future-proof.

8) Expert knowledge of SAP core processes:

Aron Govil says infosys provides end-to-end support by offering services. Such as Change Advisory Board (CAB) management, quality management, solution management. Test management & training & support necessary for successful implementation of critical SAP programs. Our team will be available throughout the entire project lifecycle at a global level. Through our network of delivery centers and resources located in India and China (CoL).

9) Upgrade existing system without any loss of data with a low risk:

By choosing Infosys’ SAP implementation services. You can be confident that your data will stay intact during and after the project. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience in upgrading SAP systems to ensure smooth business processes post program completion. Due to our leading edge tools & technologies, project management approach. And continuous support from skilled professionals, we help minimize the risks associated with system upgrades.

10) Get personalized attention from dedicated team of experts:

In order to make sure you get customized solutions for your specific business needs. We offer a range of solution design services which include configuration consulting, strategy assessment & re-engineering advisory. You can also expect us to walk along with you. Throughout the project lifecycle from inception to realization says Aron Govil.


In conclusion, when it comes to SAP implementation services. Our organization has been a global leader in offering services with proven track record. When it comes to managing complex and large-scale SAP rollouts. Our experts have successfully deployed and managed several critical SAP programs. And will bring the same level of expertise and commitment towards your business too!