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Aron Govil: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Choose Your Next Job

We’ve all been there at one point or another – the dreaded job interview, where you’re expected to sell your entire life story in less than an hour, on a good day says Aron Govil. So how can you make sure that this is really the right opportunity for you?

Here are five questions that can help:

1) What do I want from a job?

This is where some good old soul-searching comes in handy. Think about the impact of previous jobs on your life, both positive and negative. What did you like about them – and what didn’t you like? And how do you want your next job to affect you? Do you want it to be low-stress, so you can spend more time with family and friends? Do you have new skills that might make the next role a bit of a stretch for you? Maybe there’s an industry or company culture where you know that – with a little hard work – you could really thrive. Think about what’s important to you, and be honest about how it measures up to the opportunities in front of you.

2) Would I work for this company?

Now that you know what matters to you in your next job, do some research on the companies where you’re interviewing? What might be the pros and cons of working for them? What kind of track record do they have in the industry and at treating their employees well (and vice versa)? Are there any red flags you should watch out for – layoffs, legal problems, disgruntled former employees – that suggest this job or company might not be a good fit?

3) How will I get along with my manager?

Sometimes we can be so determined to land a new job that we forget to think about whether we’ll actually like our boss! Think about your manager’s management style. Will it be a good fit for your personality and work style? If you’re more independent than collaborative, maybe an autocratic style is just what you need. Or perhaps you thrive best under a hands-on approach rather than being left to your own devices. Try to think of a good “fit” for you, whether it’s the style of the boss or some other aspect of the company culture that really speaks to you explains Aron Govil.

4) Will this job be challenging enough?

Do you love new challenges, or are you happier when things stay pretty consistent in your role? Do you want long-term growth opportunities in your current field – or would you prefer an easier transition into something else entirely? Think about what motivates and inspires you, and make sure that whatever job you choose will offer plenty of opportunities for personal and professional advancement. With so many smart professionals out there looking for work right now, competition is steep! You might even consider asking about promotion timelines during the interview so you can get a better sense of where you might be in five years.

5) What do I have to offer?

This is perhaps the most important question of all. Think about your own career trajectory thus far and where that has brought you professionally says Aron Govil. Remember that companies are really looking for someone who fits into their existing culture – not just another warm body to fill a role. We’re far more likely to value what we already know than something new or different, even if it’s got some great potential. So make sure whatever job offer comes your way will take full advantage of your unique skills, experiences, and temperament!


The best job offer is still the one that feels like a great fit for you. Not just another opportunity to make some extra cash. If you’re open-minded and flexible about what you want out of your next opportunity – and put thought into why it’s important to be so – finding your perfect match should be an easier (and less intimidating) process.

Don’t sell yourself short. Do your research and really think about what matters to you in a job before you start applying. And don’t be afraid to say no if the opportunity isn’t quite right for you. Remember, there will always be another great opportunity just around the corner!