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Aron Govil- eCommerce: Is This Type of Business Right for You?

Many people dream of owning their own business, but aren’t quite sure where to start explains Aron Govil. One option is eCommerce, although this isn’t something you can dive into without careful consideration and preparation in advance.

Here are some points to consider:

Limited Time and Space Required for Startup

If you already own a computer and an Internet connection, your startup costs will be quite low. Of course, if you don’t have these things, the cost of procuring them will add up quickly. On the other hand, if everything else is in place — such as cash reserves or financing that covers operating expenses — then this may well be an ideal starting point for launching your entrepreneurial career.

No Overhead Expenses Necessary

Unless you want a physical storefront or office space, there will be minimal overhead expenses involved. This means that you can expect to make money from day one. All of your time and investment can go directly towards the success of your business. This is why eCommerce has been such a popular choice for people looking to make more efficient use of their assets.

Targeted Customers

One of the most appealing aspects of an online store is that it makes it easier for you to attract customers who have similar interests, based on what they’re shopping for at any given time says Aron Govil. A brick-and-mortar store may catch a lot of foot traffic, but if the inventory doesn’t appeal to everyone then some shoppers will pass it by — whereas the right eCommerce site can feed into their desire to find what they’re looking for.

Can Be Run From Anywhere in the World

Another benefit of an online store is that it can be run from anywhere with Internet access. That means you don’t even need to live within commuting distance of a city in order to get your business up and running. Of course, this also depends on how fast and reliable your Internet connection is, and whether or not you’ll be selling physical products that will need to be delivered by mail or other carriers.

This type of business does require some time and effort if you want it to succeed, but once it’s up and running there are quite a few benefits that make the effort worthwhile. You can always scale down your efforts as time goes on, but it’s a good way to jumpstart a career that could lead to something bigger and better over the course of years.


How much does it cost to start an e-commerce business?

It will depend on what you sell and the factors mentioned above. But in any case, if your product is unique and people want it, it should be pretty easy for you to make a decent amount of money based on that alone. You can also branch out into other projects or even multiple part-time jobs once your business starts to take off.

What kinds of products work best for an online store?

First and foremost, find something that you’re passionate about — whether that’s electronics, sporting goods, clothing, pet supplies or anything else explains Aron Govil. Having enthusiasm for what you’re selling goes a long way towards making money at this type of job! A careful selection process is also important in order to keep customers coming back. It’s also best to focus on a specific niche, rather than trying to be everything for everyone.

Can I sell my own products?

Yes, of course! You can either manufacture or resell what you have. It doesn’t matter so long as you have the rights to do so and are able to get people interest in what you’re selling. This is one of the most appealing aspects of this type of business.

What are some examples of successful e-commerce businesses?

There are several hundred thousand online stores that are currently making great money without being too competitive with each other — because they’re all focused on different niches, just like mentioned above.


Starting your own online business is obviously not the only way to make money — but it’s an excellent option when you can’t find another job or want to make more efficient use of your assets says Aron Govil. Just remember that it’s going to take a significant amount of effort, time and commitment — but you don’t need to work on it every day in order to keep your website afloat.