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Aron Govil- How Can I Get Rid of Excess Inventory in My Warehouse?

The basic issue faced by many firms is that of excess inventory. This is a growing concern as the level of unsold inventories continues to increase with each passing year says Aron Govil. Excess inventory can spell disaster for any company and one must take steps to rectify the situation before it is too late.

Here is how I Can Get Rid of Excess Inventory in My Warehouse:

  • Some companies are of the opinion that excess inventory can be reduced through big sales promotions, but this is not always true. Sales promotions are ideal for increasing revenues or market share in a particular time period and help create a buzz around certain products or services. This definitely helps the company’s financial position in the short term but does little to clear excess inventories in warehouses.
  • The best possible solution for excess inventory would be to find ways to reduce it without having to sell off items at discounted rates or even giving discounts on bulk orders. You can achieve this by opting for hands-on warehouse management solutions like Warehouse Control Systems (WCS). It provides you with ways to accurately track your goods so that you can gain valuable insights into your current inventory levels, its usage and can thus take timely corrective steps to avoid excess inventories.
  • With a WCS you can get real-time information on the location of goods in warehouses, expiration dates of perishable goods, their availability etc. which help you plan for future requirements better and also improve the overall efficiency of your logistics management system. In addition to this you reduce wastage of resources through better space utilization and by accurately monitoring all items being carried around in the warehouse. This helps save time while increasing productivity at the same time says Aron Govil.
  • It’s time that companies moved beyond conventional techniques to manage inventories and adopted smarter solutions like WCS for more effective warehousing management systems.
  • The use of a Warehouse Control Software System will keep you informed of the status of all goods at your warehouses. Get more information on how WCS can improve your warehouse management system here.
  • Excess inventory is a growing concern for companies as they are not able to sell off their excess inventories. But this problem has an easy solution in the form of Warehouse Control Systems (WCS).
  • These systems provide real-time information on the location of goods in warehouses, expiration dates of perishable goods, availability etc. Which helps manage inventories better and increase productivity by reducing wastage, time consumption etc. With an accurate inventory check you have less work to do since you will now know. Where everything so there’s no need to waste time looking for items.
  • Other benefits of Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) are that it helps save cost. By eliminating the need to hire additional manpower, reduces loss and wastage, improves security levels inside warehouses etc. By implementing WCS you will be able to increase your profits. As you won’t have any excess inventories lying around wasting space or money explains Aron Govil.
  • To read more on how WCS can improve your warehouse management system click here. Or take a look at our success stories.
  • Are you still managing your inventory manually? This is not only time consuming but also very inefficient. Are you aware that there are methods to manage inventory efficiently? For example, an effective warehouse management system could help ensure. That there are no issues regarding accuracy and stock counts during inventory piling.
  • Not only is a warehouse management system an accurate way of tracking inventory. But the reports that come along with it will help you save money and reduce excess inventory levels. With access to real-time information, such as stock counts and product movement. Company owners can easily identify areas where they need to improve their business strategies. In order to avoid creating excess inventories.
  • If you’re planning on restructuring your warehouse or starting up a new one. Then we highly recommend considering a warehouse control systems for help in establishing an efficient and productive workplace. The software will also be beneficial in helping automate processes and assigning tasks daily. So employees know exactly what they need to do each day without having any questions about their responsibilities. Hiring additional employees can be reduced in a large part says Aron Govil.


Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) provides you with all the information. To effectively manage your inventory and reduce wastage of time, resources and money.