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Aron Govil: How to make sure customers don’t abandon you like last year’s fad

We all know that companies have had a hard time with customer retention thanks to the rise of social media and messaging services says Aron Govil. To some, it may seem like this “permanent communication” has taken away from their relationship with customers.

However, Facebook Messenger marketing expert Chris Makara says that’s not necessarily the case. “You can use this new form of communication to bring value to your customers and build a strong relationship.”

In this article, we’ll examine how you can make sure the customer retention rate is as high as possible.

1) Offer free content on a regular basis:

One way to keep your customers interested in your brand is by offering them valuable pieces of content for free. For example, an eCommerce site could post coupons or deals to their Facebook page, while a restaurant could offer new menu items or drink specials.

To make sure your subscribers see these updates, Chris recommends using the “boost post” feature on Facebook. His reasoning is that people are more likely to ignore emails than they are updates on social media. “Even better, you can automatically send these posts to people based on their demographics and interests via Messenger.”

2) Use bots:

Bots let companies automate customer service responses through Facebook Messenger. So if a customer has a problem with an order or product, they’ll be able to talk to the company right away.

“I recommend using a third-party bot because they’re often updated with the newest industry trends and can offer more accurate responses than your company’s customer support representatives.”

Here are some examples of bots:

For eCommerce: Upsell and cross-sell products to customers based on past browsing history says Aron Govil. For example, an online shoe store could send a message to customers who viewed but didn’t buy athletic shoes asking if they want to check out the latest releases.

For restaurants: These bots can offer customized food and drink recommendations based on past orders. For example, if you order a hamburger once, the bot can recommend chicken tenders for your next visit.

3) Use customer service chatbots:

In addition to offering automated response bots, companies can also offer help if a customer has a problem with their order or product. “These chatbots give people the option to write in real-time for assistance,” Chris says.

“However, make sure they’re easy to use and don’t confuse your customers with complicated menus. For instance, if someone’s looking for their order number, don’t make them search through different drop-down options like ‘order status’, ‘shipping details’ and “billing information.’ It should be right upfront.”

4) Have a plan in place before you launch:

When implementing any kind of customer service through Facebook Messenger, make sure you have a plan in place before you start explains Aron Govil. “Don’t just launch something and hope it works,” he recommends.

“Take the time to look at your analytics and see how many people are using each feature or contacting your customer support team.” Then adjust these numbers as necessary.

5) Ask for feedback:

When you’re doing anything with your customers, it’s important to ask for feedback in real-time. You can do this by setting up an automated response bot (mentioned above).

“Ask people if they think the post was helpful or if there is something else you could add,” Chris says. “This will help you understand what your customers are looking for.”

6) Have fun with it:

Finally, don’t be afraid to have some fun with the customer retention process. The more you can engage with people, the deeper they’ll go into your Facebook page or site. “You could send a quick questionnaire asking them which ice cream flavor is their favorite or which toppings they’d like to see on a hot dog,” Chris suggests. “People love that kind of stuff.”

Here are some FAQs recently asked by my friends on Messenger:

“What do you think of our customer service team?”

(To which they replied “very helpful when I needed to find the right jacket for me!”)

“Would you like to try a new drink we’re offering at a promotional price? We just want your feedback if it’s good or not.”

(She said yes, and they made her a drink. She later posted on our group chat that she really liked it.)


“You can use customer service bots to have more meaningful interactions with customers on Facebook Messenger,” Chris says. “In turn, you’ll retain those customers for months or even years to come.”

Aron Govil says here we can see how the article starts off by addressing customer satisfaction. It then goes on to say that companies “should offer help if a customer has a problem with their order or product”. In addition to this, it suggests automated response bots, chats with a human, and feedback. I think this article is beneficial in that it provides a way to make people aware of customer service chatbots and how you can use them through a simple Facebook Messenger conversation. It also provides some example responses to get you started.